Project Initing

Project management: Project Initing, project development planing

Blockchain Development: Ethermint Maturity Assessment, Quorum Automation Script Preparation

August 30, 2017

Demand consolidation, task division

Server development: Technical architecture design

Blockchain development: User case division , development tasks division

September 1, 2017

Internal and external interface design

Server development: API interface definition

Blockchain Development: Document Writing for Smart Contract Design

September 5, 2017

Overall architecture design

Server Development: System Architecture Design

Blockchain development: Cloud environment configuration and initiation, smart contract API interface design

September 17, 2017

Function module detailed design

Server development: System function module detailed design

Blockchain development: Smart contract code is completed, in the Etherum testnet for functional testing

September 20, 2017

Design review, patent preparation

Server development: API interface to confirm the development of the division of tasks

Development of Blockchain: Preparation of the first edition of invention patent

September 9, 2017

Customer resource docking

Project management: Customer resources docking, progress communication

Server development: API interface design, Web framework and two-dimensional code function development, WeChat public platform platform docking

Blockchain development: Quorum communication anomaly problem analysis, smart contract API interface development

September 11, 2017

Software development

Server development: Function management page development, database development, WeChat public platform number page development

Blockchain Development: Quorum Problem Locate and circumvent, complete create user, balance query API interface development

September 14, 2017

Overall functional testing

Project management: Development progress communication, plan store field experience

Server development: Database function test, ATM function test, user documentation

Blockchain Development: Complete all API interface development, test the Raft Consensus

September 15, 2017

Function display and optimization

Server development: Complete all the functional development, Blockchain integration test, user documentation

Blockchain Development: Asynchronous Notification Mechanism Problem Optimization, Blockchain Browser Demo

September 20, 2017

Stage review and summary

Project Management: Phase 1 Review

Server development: Performance optimization, bug fixes

Blockchain Development: Smart Contract Demo, Smart Contract Automated Test Deployment Planning

September 22, 2017